I think I smell... hate.

Monday, December 27, 2010

WELL, FUCK. BLOG. AM I LATE GUYS?????/////////

Really this is a replacement to Livejournal.  I'm cool.  I'm hip.  I'm with the times.

No, and fucking shit.  I just need someplace to dump shit and sort through the mess later. 

If you like it, good for you.  If not, fuck you you wasted your time.  OH LOOK AT ME CLEVER I USED TEH STRIKETHRJAS;LFKJ DURRR HURRR
too sober for this shit, amirite?

  • all right, so... yeah.  and why the fuck is this piece of shit like autosaving every time i hit enter?  
  • stupid
  • fuck
  1. ballsacks
  2. poop
  3. youtube
  • stupid sfuck
  1. ballsackspoopyoutube
  • satls;kj lk;j;lk
  1. mem ov;lkjer
Segmentation fault, core dumped.