I think I smell... hate.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A nation without boundaries.

An idea that is seeded logically and perpetuated to a large portion of the population that can remain dormant.  One day it triggers a mass migration/exodus.  Where would these millions or billions of people go?  They simply cannot invade a country and settle there.  However, they can socially network with each other and coordinate movements and tactics.

If it were free, as internet proper, this is what social groups and dynamics would be.  Facebook is an example of greed and how such groups fall apart.  Many may still be unaware or simply not care, but that's the basics.  I cannot predict specific times, but it will happen.  So:  Get in, make your money, and leave to something else.

Doesn't sound too far-fetched from a corporate bubble that generates waves and the bursts, amirite?

Well.  Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Don't worry.  I'll take a shit on my blog later.  I'm just constipated at the moment.


  1. Take some laxative :P haha Following!

  2. You mistake the majority of people who use the Internet as intelligent.