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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nightmare (2030-2250)

We drove around the on the highways.  The beautiful lavish highways.  I was on foot and I had missed my last bus.  This was the last bus that went out of town and on to the highway.  I watched it come towards me and then turn on to the on-ramp.  Fuck it.  I have feet.  I can walk.

I see a suburban truck not too far, in some sort of large parking lot right before the arteries of the highway flourished opened.  This was like some sort of long-term parking for an airport, but there weren't planes around.  The suburban's window was open.  It's the dead of winter and here is this kush looking truck with its window open.  I have to go look.

I walk around the truck twice.  Trying to be inconspicuous but failing miserably.  Someone starts coming towards me.  Bryce?  This is your truck?!  Man, I haven't seen this guy in years.  It is his truck.  Maybe.  We drive it around.  This is no ordinary truck.  It's fucking HUGE.

We pass people by driving over them.  Over them without crushing them, that is.  This truck can comfortably drive over a smaller truck without even touching it.  We drive around.

After a while, Bryce gets out.  Jeff gets in.  We decide it would be hilarious to drive against oncoming traffic.  Shit, I see cop lights coming at us.  We stop in the middle of the highway.  So does everyone else.  Jeff opens the tailgate and sits on the back, waiting rather impatiently for the cops to come hassle the shit out of us.  I as well.  The cops get out and move fast towards us.  They seem calm... a little too calm.

We sit there and listen to a mute speech.  Then men with suits and ties appear.  Shortly after, men with white coats and needles.  Our arms are grabbed and I feel the needle's prick as it jams into my skin.  I then feel a freezing cold sensation, then a burning hot sensation in my arm.  After that I just have blurred vision and a general pain.  I look at the needles they used for injection.  They were glowing a beautiful dark cyan.  Radioactive.

I can't stop laughing.  They have a paper with our names on it.  We're still in the middle of the highway, fucked up something fierce, and these motherfuckers are quizzing us.

I get another injection and things start to clear up.  I want to see how well I did.  I want to see my score.

Wait, these papers, I'm supposed to sign... where's my score?  I saw the list of scores on this exact sheet of paper!...  These must be... new...  wait.  How long have I blacked out?...

I try hard and focus on what I can remember.  The soft-hued and fierce cyan needles.  Not unlike the orange of the crossbow's rebar in Half-Life 2.  The image of the needles are fiercely embedded in my mind, along with the buzzing sounds and fuzzy feeling in my body.  I need to stay calm as to not rouse suspicion...

...on the other hand, I need to look for an immediate way out.  I feel another prick

And I wake up and grab my laptop.  Charging.  Bootloader (grub) selection.  Name and password login.  Auto-auth on WiFi.  Firefox.  Name and password login.  Type this shit... then hit [Enter].

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