I think I smell... hate.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paging Doctor House

My balls are caught in
a barbed wire fence
Paging Doctor Houuuuse
Paging Doctor Houuuse

I raped some child
and lost my license
Paging Doctor Houuuuse
Paging Doctor House

Doctor Condo.  Usually misdiagnoses patients and kills them.  On very rare occasions he actually correctly diagnoses them and saves them.
He's a giant man-dyke who is constantly raping Cunty.  His best friend is Wilman, who practices homeopathic remedies, usually involving feces and semen.  His team of retards, Foreskin, 29, Cumwrong, and that one fucking guy whose name nobody can remember.

Doctor Condo
coming this spring

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