I think I smell... hate.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cortex A9, Stuxnet, HBGary & AnonOps, MOO I/II Etc.

Sup fuckers.  When I'm not getting wasted or selling overpriced garbage (read: AT&T), I'm on mah lappy.  Now, you'd figure that I'd stop to communicate all these interesting ideas I have with you, but you're wrong.

I recently found Master of Orion 1 and 2 again.  And boy, howdy.  I had to call in sick just to play the entire damn day.  I, in fact, did not use the internet at all that day.  Just me, DOSBox, and a bottle of vodka.  I even forgot to masturbate.  Or get cigarettes.  Or smoke the cigarettes I would've gotten, had I gotten them.

Yes sir, I should've been downloading my TV episodes like a good little robot, but I was too busy doing the time warp and actually enjoying myself and my time as a living being.  And now, fun times are over.  Back to the mundane diarrhea that is day-to-day.  Mind you, I have fun things to watch, and lots of awesome news to read (I lol'd hard at HBGary getting deepdick assfucked by anon after they came up with some bullshit garbage saying they "found the leader of anon".  I know, right?  lolwut.)  And man, that dual-core Cortex is fucking hot shit.

Ah, I never have enough time for the fun, while I have too much time for the suck.  FML, FYL, and thank science for booze.


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