I think I smell... hate.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Non-nightmare dream. Awesome.

The main point in the dream was how thing were remembered. I overheard that a big event was 40 campfires ago. A really big event was 48 pretty flowers ago.  As this was told to me, I visually (in my dream) had a faded overlay of time running backwards, as we walked on the arid land (think New Mexico) past brush and... oh a pretty flower on a cactus.  48 of those ago?   Boggles the mind.  And then both the alarms went off and I was up.  Ok I gotta go catch mah ride.


  1. Google dream interpretation dictionary or something. Weird shit man.. I <3 dreaming.

  2. Try being 21 and last night I dreamt that I was a fucking pokemon.... fighting other pokemon. You are constantly changing who you are and weaknesses have no effect. Also everything looks real, not cartoony.

  3. My 21st birthday was spent in a military hotel waiting to be examined and tested. Luckily my asthma kept me from executing my signed contract. This was a little under 2 months before 9/11. Several acquaintances and friends would go on to die in Iraq. feelsdunnomanlikeaboss :s