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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Selective Neurostimulation = Ability to squelch or amplify neuroactivity?

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Let's think of the positive and negative, shall we?
  • Potential ability to treat certain brain disorders without drugs and/or surgery.
  • Potential to increase muscle reflex speed and perhaps change cardiac rhythms.
  • I have a head cold, think for your fucking selves, you sheep.
  • Fucking up someone's brain with very little/no evidence to show tampering.

 Add this to Scopolamine and you have a one-two starter combo going.

Ok.  I feel like diarrhea and vertigo.  I don't have to fuck you, right?  You're an adult now and you can go fuck yourself.

<3 ?


  1. Messing with the brain always ends well. Gogogo scientists.

  2. Well. If someone actually gives a fuck enough to fully develop cheap magnets (work fucking do they... how?). WE COULD TIE THIS INTO CHINA'S RARE-EARTH MONOPOLY AND HOW THEY ARE BRAINWASHING THEIR CITIZENS.

    i'm still sick
    and now
    i find myself giving much less a fuck than in the previous minutes' give-a-fuck.